BCES Services: Loss Prevention


During these tough economic times many companies are looking to cut back and find other ways to keep their businesses strong. BCES offers great solutions to help you reduce overhead costs and drive profits. Whether working for you as your loss prevention specialist, or acting as a support system for your existing loss prevention program, we can provide an extensive nationwide field support while implementing exciting new programs that have achieved major results for our clients.

BCES offers a variety of programs to help monitor your businesses performance. By using our programs, you can help monitor field performance more effectively, even as your company cuts back on field support personnel.

  • Remote Auditing
  • Loss Prevention Audits
  • Mystery Shopping

Internal Theft & Fraud Investigation: Employee theft is a problem of considerable size for many companies. Employee theft accounts for more than any other form of larceny to business owners. Having the expertise to analyze available records, develop internal intelligence and utilize the external environment for information is vital to a successful internal investigation.

There are many benefits to using an unbiased third party to conduct the investigation and employee interviews that can stop the theft of company assets. A well-planned and executed workplace investigation can be a very effective way to identify those involved with theft and prevent its recurrence.