BCES Services: Armed/Unarmed Guards


BCES provides professional armed and unarmed security, in the event you need an armed security guard, unarmed security guard or any other type of protective service. We offer a wide array of commercial and residential security. Everyone in our company, from armed guards to administrators are highly skilled and go through regular training to ensure that they have the most practiced competence and up-to-date proficiency.

A standing guard can ensure the assets of your business are safe and protected from theft or damage. The presence of a uniform guard puts everyone at ease – both the customers and you, as the owner. Whether in a high-risk area or a quiet neighborhood, no business or building is truly safe without private security. The presence of uniformed security on guard is a deterrent to thieves and vandals.

Each BCES Officer is qualified with all of the equipment he or she carries. In addition, each Officer is also certified as First Responders and are CPR and AED trained/certified. Most importantly, every Officer is well versed in the law and the application of force within the law.